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LINKS for the Post-Morrow Foundation Website

These links refer you to organizations that
The Post Morrow Foundation has worked with over the years.

This site provides a history and overview of Brookhaven Hamlet. The Foundation has provided support to the Brookhaven History Club and also houses photos and artifacts that tell the history of the Hamlet

The Wertheim Fish and Wildlife Refuge is a part of Brookhaven Hamlet and has been a great partner to the Foundation through the South Shore Wetlands Initiative

Friends of Wertheim has worked with the Foundation on a number of projects and the Foundation has helped to fund the recently opened “Welcome Cabin”, a visitor center located at the refuge headquarters in Shirley.

The Fire Island National Seashore is a National wilderness area across Great South Bay from Brookhaven Hamlet. The Foundation is working with FINS to develop an oyster and scallop sanctuary on the south shore of Great South Bay.

The mission of the Friends of Fire Island National Seashore is to encourage proper stewardship of park resources; to foster cooperative and mutual communication between the National Park Service, communities and user groups; and to promote environmentally sound access to and awareness of the various aspects of the Fire Island National Seashore.

The Foundation has partnered with CCE of Suffolk on several projects, most recently in developing the oyster and scallop project in Great South Bay.

The Foundation works closely with the Carmans River Maritime Center to encourage the development of the traditional craft of wooden boatbuilding as well as educational programming for the community.

The Foundation partnered with the Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation to develop an environmental education program for children introducing them to the history, science and joys of living in the South shore Estuary.

The Foundation has a strong relationship with the Peconic Land Trust which works to preserve and conserve land on Long Island and to preserve the working rural and agricultural landscape.

The New York State designated region known as the Central Pine Barrens covers over 100,000 acres in central Suffolk. A rich concoction of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, interconnected surface and ground waters, recreational niches, historic locales, farmlands, and residential communities, this region contains the largest remnant of a forest thought to have once encompassed over a quarter million acres on Long Island.  The Central Pine Barrens overlies one portion of
Long Island's federally designated sole source aquifer for drinking water

The Foundation provides the Hamlet Organic Garden, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture farm) 8 acres of farmland in Brookhaven. We also provide support for a farm internship program through a grant from the Gesso Foundation.

The Foundation has worked closely with the Department of State’s South Shore Estuary Reserve program to protect Beaver Dam Creek. Several New York State Environmental Protection Fund grants have been awarded to restore damaged wetlands along the Creek. Recently the DOS has created a Beaver Dam Creek Watershed management plan. Through the links below, interested citizens can see how to protect the Creek from unwanted Stormwater runoff and other pollution that infects the Creek and ultimately the Great South Bay.

The Dennis Puleston Osprey Fund was established to recognize and remember the work of Dennis Puleston, an internationally known environmental scientist who did original research that discovered the fact that DDT was endangering the Osprey. His work proved to be the determining factor in the return of the Osprey here in Brookhaven as well as throughout the world.
The Dennis Puleston Osprey Fund Webcam, started 7 years ago in memory of Dennis, was dismantled in 2009. However through the website you can access video clips of the Osprey and the incredible history of the site which was recognized around the world as cutting edge technology for webcams on nesting birds.

The Herb Society of America, Inc. Long Island Unit has been very generous to the Foundation by providing the expertise to grow and maintain the beautiful Herb Garden that graces the grounds of the Foundation headquarters.

Brookhaven Free Library has worked together with the Foundation on a variety of programming in the Hamlet.

The Brookhaven Village Association serves as the Civic association for the Hamlet. The Foundation and the BVA work closely together on various projects. Squassux Landing a treasured place in Brookhaven was given to the BVA by James H. Post.

The Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society is a not-for-profit local organization devoted to the preservation and interpretation of Long Island's past, in particular the history of the Bellport, Brookhaven, East Patchogue area.

Rich in history and tradition, the South Bay Scooter Club is the oldest Scooter club in the United States. Established in 1921, the club pursues active ice-boat racing in the wintertime. The club is located on the premises of the Bellport Bay Yacht Club in Bellport, New York. The Foundation has worked with the Scooter Club in documenting its history in the area.

This website covers the area from Brookhaven Hamlet, to East Patchogue, to Yaphank, usually known as the "South Country" area.

The South Country Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to improving educational opportunities for all students in the South Country School District.  The mission of the Foundation is to promote and enhance educational initiatives by providing supplemental financial support for projects and programs that are outside the South Country School budget.  The Foundation seeks to forge a cooperative effort among the members of the community to help expand educational opportunities and to capitalize on the special resources we have available in our district.

Ducks Unlimited has been a partner of the Foundation for many years. In 2005 DU worked with the Foundation to restore 8 acres along Beaver Dam Creek. This restoration project removed Phragmites and developed some tidal pools where fish and wildlife have returned to a healthier wetland area.

The Boys and Girls Club in Bellport serves young people in the South Country School District in a wide variety of ways. They are currently involved in a building program to create a new youth/community center. Their mission is; “To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most in the Bellport Area and increasingly from the South Shore, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.”
The Foundation has been working with the Club to assist in the building program by donating several parcels of land so that the new building has enough waste water credits to build on the proposed site.

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